Saturday, February 14, 2009

sxsw photographer

Open Notice to:
Music Press
Photo Editors
Publicists / PR / Promotion
Record Labels
Independent Artists
Industry Insiders
Industry Outsiders

One-man photographic wrecking crew, myself, Jacob Blickenstaff, is going to SXSW.

To document and be a part of the schizophrenic music and cultural experience of the festival and create a body of work ABOUT the experience. ABOUT being a fan, a band, a scenester, a music biz guy, about myself being a sxsw first-timer/virgin --- and not just the same shots of 100 buzz bands

Intuitively follow a path of good ideas, good labels, good showcases, good emerging bands, good veteran bands and good BBQ.

Tips, bribes, assignments, collaborations, press releases that I probably won't read, hate mail, fan mail, energy bars/drinks can be sent here:

Email - jacob (at)
Twitter - jblickenstaff
Facebook - here
phone - 917.554.1710

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