Monday, September 29, 2008

Dean Parrish - Dig Deeper 9.27.08


Dean Parrish, real name Philip Joseph Anastasi, made an (ironically) rare hometown appearance at the Dig Deeper series at the Five Spot in Brooklyn. Despite strong singles on a smattering of labels, Dean never hit mainstream success in the United States. Part of the issue being that he was an excellent soul singer who happened to be a white Italian-American. Unbeknownst to to him, his music took on a second life in the UK's Northern Soul casinos with tracks like "I'm On My Way" assuming anthemic status. It was only a few years ago that UK soul enthusiasts tracked him down in Staten Island opening doors for succesful gigs in Europe.

Dean didn't miss a beat despite a 40-some-odd-year absence from American stages sounding strong and soulful with a heartfelt performance. Nice Guy. GREAT performance. He had at least one fan in ecstatic tears.

Thanks Dean and the Dig Deeper crew for the excellent night.

Make sure to check out the oh so funky Harvey Scales in October

Steve Earle, Judson Memorial Church

No time to write at the moment, but here are a few photos from Steve Earle performing Friday, Sept 26 2008. My friend Ted Barron invited me to go, you can see some of the photos he's shot of Steve at a recent recording session on his site.

FYI, clicking on the photos gives you a larger view.

Steve at the Judson

Steve and his wife and fellow musician Alison Moorer

Sweet Divines Photo Shoot

NY soul band, the Sweet Divines, stopped by the studio to work with me on group portraits that matched their love of 60's style, groove and soul. With the group's matching Chiffon dresses and avocado Wurlizer, we were already halfway there. The photo you see above is a composite of 3 photos, we shot the gals in 2 groups and then JB at the Wurly to give us multiple elements that could be mixed and matched to use in several potential layouts.

This gallery of outtakes gives you an idea of the process.

The approach to the shoot is update of the great cut n' paste album art that was common in pop, rock n' roll and soul music in the 50's and 60's.

Thanks to everyone in the group for being so open and matching my excitement for the project.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Astroland Closes : Photo

Last day of Astroland at Coney Island, it was hard to get a shot without another photographer in it but surprisingly I haven't found that many good photos online of the last day. Went out there with my girlfriend, Leslie and photo pal Ted. Weaved through the crowds, had a hotdog, rode the Wonderwheel, had coffee in Brighton Beach, played skeeball, got pistachio softserve, shot up the Bonanza shooting gallery, ate greasy sausages at Ruby's. We only really apreciate these things when they are gone.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Roots of American Music Festival Lincoln Center

Closing the season for Lincoln Center's Out of Doors Festival was the second day of the 25th Annual Roots of American Music Festival. It was a varied lineup that started with a smattering of regional blues musicians from the Music Makers stable followed by some punked out dark and dreary country from the Knitters with hot stuff guitar man Dave Alvin and X founders John Doe and Exene Cervenka. In the second half of the evening Charlie Haden debuted his new country music project featuring about half of Nashville and his three daughters, son and wife. Patti Smith closed the night with a set that included a cover of Jimi's 'Are You Experienced' that sublimated its psychedelic swirl into a clarinet solo.

Nate Chinen of the NYT had a much more thoughtful review but I might have got better pictures...

Full Gallery with Large Images Here

Adolphus Bell breaks out the moves.

In the grass with the Knitters

Haden and musical progeny

Patti and Lenny