Friday, April 11, 2008

Be in a Band with none of the Drama

A frendamine came up with an interesting little website where you can create the fictional band you always dreamed of. If you ever found yourself thinking "Some one should start a band of all chicks who do death-metal covers of calypso songs..." this site might be for you.

check out Figment!

The clip above is Mike Nesmith of the fake-band-turned-real Monkees and Frank Zappa impersonating each other and tearing on each other's music!

There's at lease SOME money left in the Music Biz...

This month's issue of SPIN magazine has a curious article profiling the income of music biz folks across the spectrum. The article only sources one professional per category so this is by no means rich statistical data.

At the bottom of the heap:
Ebay CD seller: $32,000
Grungy indie record producer: $25,000
Record Store Geek: $22,000

At the Top:
Superstar DJ - $400,000
Well Known Indie Rapper - $500,000
Big Shot Artist Manager - $ 500,000

The most revealing number was the Major Label A&R guy who is now making 92,000 after a pay cut from 250,000. (Was it ego or a plea for sympathy that led to that disclosure?)

The music photog was pulling in $125,000. Way to hustle!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Barbara Lynn Photo Featured

... on the cover of Lafayette Lousiana's Independent Weekly.

I'm looking forward to seeing her again at the Ponderosa Stomp in New Orleans.

Pimping my friends and the competition

Chris Owyoung is a nice guy that I went to High School with in St. Louis. He is also
here in NY shooting music and has a very nice blog/website going on. What he is doing is smart and ties in to the discussion going on at A Photo Editor about new ways to get your work out there.

Article is here: Where are all the goddam photos?