Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lo-Fi Vinyl Shopping Guide - Back On Line

In earlier versions of my website, I had a guide to some of my favorite places to buy used vinyl. It turns out that I got more search engine hits on that page than anything else...

So back by popular demand: NYC Record Store Guide

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Depression Magazine Folding

I was sad to get an email today from co-editor Grant Alden explaining that because of a decrease in ad revenue and the downward state of the record business, No Depression magazine would be folding after 2 final issues. I can tell you firsthand that this was probably THE NICEST magazine I have worked for to date - Grant was always accessible and replied to emails, always listened to pitches and gave you a straight answer. They always paid their contributors fairly, especially for a mid-size publication, mailing out checks without a reminder or even an invoice. Oh, and they always wrote about good music. If you've never heard of this great magazine, go buy a copy and curse the fact that you got on the bandwagon way too late. I should have a few shots in the next issue, which I am always proud off. Now it's time to drink some whiskey.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Commemorative Postage Stamp Now Available!

Yep, bottom corner of page 33. The Crazy Britney issue bitch! I circled it just in case you missed it. There's a great blurb for a great festival I've been involved with for several years - The Ponderosa Stomp - with a teeny tiny crop of a photo of Syl Johnson. You can see the full shot on my website. Still, the whole thing is kinda cool as this is my 1st photo in Rolling Stone. Next time it will be the cover...