Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Depression Magazine Folding

I was sad to get an email today from co-editor Grant Alden explaining that because of a decrease in ad revenue and the downward state of the record business, No Depression magazine would be folding after 2 final issues. I can tell you firsthand that this was probably THE NICEST magazine I have worked for to date - Grant was always accessible and replied to emails, always listened to pitches and gave you a straight answer. They always paid their contributors fairly, especially for a mid-size publication, mailing out checks without a reminder or even an invoice. Oh, and they always wrote about good music. If you've never heard of this great magazine, go buy a copy and curse the fact that you got on the bandwagon way too late. I should have a few shots in the next issue, which I am always proud off. Now it's time to drink some whiskey.

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