Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Joe's Pub 1.10.09

2009 Resolution #7- always experiment and make pictures to please yourself, not others. (more on that below *)

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble at Joe's Pub. Thanks to Jennie Wasserman for suggesting that I come see them. The short story: 7 brothers (plus a drummer), son's of Philip Cohran ( Sun Ra/AHE/AACM) - -funky - from the heart, no pretense - just hustle, chops and showmanship - worth seeing.

* Concert photography gets old, and fast. It's a limited relationship with the subject, limited perspectives to shoot from, limited light and limited financially unless you're shooting big concerts with even more restraints - putting it very close to paparazzi territory. So I now say, officially, screw it, all further photography will be done for my own reasons and going to shoot shows will be an exploration of music I like / am curious about. The approach of making pictures will be an experiment, it doesn't won't if I don't come away with a good picture as long as I don't come away with a boring one.

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