Monday, November 24, 2008

Eula Cooper, NYC debut at Dig Deeper


This past Saturday was another satisfying soul night at Dig Deeper with the first ever NYC appearance of the sweet and charming Eula Cooper. Ms. Cooper is known for only a small, singles-only discography on indie soul labels Tragar, Supersound and Note (with one picked up for distribution by Atlantic) but her 30+ year absence from the music scene did not seem to slow her down one bit. For whatever reasons she left the music business (and there are many good ones) she reemerged as youthful as ever, sporting $69 red patent leather heels from TJ Maxx and a smile to match. Goes to show that a great singer is a great singer regardless of notoriety.

Credit also goes to DJ Honky, Mr. Robinson and the Sweet Divines band for turnin' it out.

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