Wednesday, May 07, 2008

R Stevie Moore @ Cake Shop 5.06.08

R Stevie Moore appeared tonight at Cake Shop in his large glasses, a horrible tie, a mylar balloon that read "I'm Sorry" tied around his neck and a 'Visitor' badge peeking out of his pocket. That he played for an enthusiastic crowd of about 20 is and isn't surprising. Plagued by his own obscurity, RSM embraces his image of strangeness while throwing it back in your face along with everything else that is false and absurd about our culture. Imagine an approach blurred along the spectrum of Daniel Johnston and Frank Zappa.

I admit I had never heard of this man before tonight, but I was immediately pulled in by the directness and craft of his music. R Stevie Moore's music rocks hard is really quite approachable with very logical pop structures and hooks. Although I already played the Zappa card, I think there are also valid comparisons to Beefheart with the lyrical free associations and plays on meaning combined with a soulful beat underneath all the layers. RSM is no crazy old coot - he is a sharp observer of society with genuine musical skill.

R Stevie Moore is playing every Tuesday this month at Cake Shop and his performance is well worth seeing - go check it out!

For more info I would check out the enormous amount of info on his website.
And here's an awesome video of his from the early days of MTV


  1. being that I live in Tennessee I could not make it. Anyone got a setlist?

  2. All I remember is that he was able to work 'don't tase me bro' in there along with many references to 'president butch'

  3. Sno-Time3:57 PM

    I recognized a few songs, but the only one that I can name is "I Like to Stay Home" which he started off the set off with. It was awesome to hear it live!

  4. Anonymous6:29 AM

    If that is all that you remember from the show, then you need to purchase the dvd that RSM is selling on his site. Relive the experience, and then you can type up the setlist yourself.

    Throw some cash his way. R. Stevie is worth it!